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Introductory Class

This is a free trial class led by our black belt instructors. In your introductory lesson you will learn our basic kicks, punches, blocks, and stances so you will feel comfortable joining our basic classes. 


Once you complete your introductory lesson we will schedule your first training session  in our basic class with our other students.  


Sign up today for your introductory lesson and get two weeks of karate training for free! Schedule an appointment with one of our black belt instructors now.

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Basic Training Classes

Basic classes create the foundation for all ages starting their journey towards earning a black belt. 


During your basic training you will develop proper punching and kicking techniques,and karate stances while improving balance, core strength, endurance and stamina.


Serious students who are working towards black belt through more intense training. 


This program offers additional training time and specialized classes to help you succeed. In our leadership program you will learn advanced traditional, modern, and weapons forms plus advanced sparring techniques.

Weapons and Forms

All programs include training in traditional, modern, and weapons forms and are taught at all levels. 

Forms are important to enhance  muscle memory for punching, kicking, and stances and builds self confidence, endurance, and stamina. 


Our sparring classes start with limited contact and drills at lower belt levels and advance to controlled continuous contact at upper belt levels.  All black belts must demonstrate proficiency in both defensive and offensive techniques.  

We provide instruction for both continuous and point sparring.


Our students who attend tournaments throughout the year often place in the top 3 in their divisions and many come home with a 1st Place Trophy!

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